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Brand Strategy Webinar

These days, we have access to more methods of reaching clients than ever before, and more methods of tracking and evaluating that reach, too. This webinar will help you to focus on your brand strategy goals in a fast changing marketing environment.

In spite of the current fast-evolving marketing terrain, the fundamental goal of brand strategy has never really changed: creating a brand strategy that encourages long term, stable and predictable customer behaviour, and builds strong, enduring bridges to brand loyalty.

With this webinar, you'll learn...

  • How to define the profile of your highest value customers: who were they? Who are they now? Who will they be down the road?
  • How to define the key ideas that you'd like people to associate with your brand, including your customer's primary need that they'll pay your brand to fulfill, the value you are uniquely positioned to deliver, and the best ways to convey that unique story
  • How to create a Brand Persona Profile to use as a guide for all your brand's communication messages, media channels, tone, and manner, in order to maintain consistency in all your communications
  • How to make the most of the wide variety of communication and evaluation platforms available to you
  • Much more!

This Webinar was developed by Brian Nguyen, Target Consulting's resident Brand Strategist. You can learn more about Brain here.



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  • Thanks to Target Consulting, my business is back in track. In fact, we've had to hire new staff to keep up with all our new customers. The social media marketing strategy they came up with was a huge success!
    - Marta Travis

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