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Why Do I Have This Website?

Posted Nov 11th, 2014 in General

Why Do I Have This Website?

When you're working on a new website, it's easy to get overwhelmed. After all, there's a multitude of factors to keep in mind.

You want to get your message across, and you have to do it clearly and concisely. But you want your content to reflect your company, its personality, and its style. You have to think about themes, colour schemes,and pictures. You need to keep SEO and keywords in mind, but you don't want to overdo it and put people off.

These seemingly countless little things make it easy to lose sight of what your website is really for, and what you need it to do. Especially when something is all new to you, it helps to have some guidance to keep you focused on your goal.

Fortunately, at Target Consulting, we know a thing or two about what makes websites successful. So, here are a 4 key points to keep you focused on WHY you really have this website, and what it should be doing for you.

1. Build your customer base.

Above all, your website is a business tool used to sell your products or services. It should assist your sales staff to do their jobs efficiently and with greater effect. Keep it in harmony with your social media and print marketing, and be sure that it's always up to date with your current business offerings.

Your website should speak directly to your target market, in language that is familiar to them.

2. Make your website responsive.

With point 1 in mind, if a potential customer tries to open your website on their smartphone, only to find an impossible-to-navigate and confusing mess, is your website doing its job? Your potential customers should be able to find you, and a great-looking and functional website, no matter what device they happen to to be using.

3. Keep your content fresh.

Would you continue to visit a website that never changed? If the message and the content on your website are always static, your potential customers will lose interest and stop visiting. So update often, add blog posts, and keep it fresh!

4. Stay on top of measuring traffic, to ensure your website is working for you.

If you don't measure your traffic, you won't know if what you're doing is actually working. Use Google Analytics or Hubspot Analytics to measure traffic and find out if your website is functioning as the business tool it's meant to be.

Keep the above 4 points in mind when you're working on your website to stay focused on what counts and to make your website successful.

At Target Consulting, we can help you build a plan for bringing more customers to your website, and keeping them there, too. Get in touch today.


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