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On High Traffic Numbers, and How to Get Them

Posted Nov 11th, 2014 in General

On High Traffic Numbers, and How to Get Them

Your cool, responsive new website is up and running. It looks sleek, it's easy to navigate and full of compelling information about your fabulous product. You're rarin' to go, ready for the giant tidal wave of new customers to come crashing in. But...where are they?

We're often asked, "Now that I've got my website up and running, how do I get people to actually visit it?"

Sadly, just having a website, even an attractive and well-built one, will not bring you the hordes of potential clients your looking for, in and of itself. You can have the most stunning and insightful website in the world, but if nobody can find it, then what's the point?

At Target Consulting, it's our mission to help bring as many potential customers to our clients as possible through effective marketing, and your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools.

So, we thought we'd share some insights on how to get more people to visit it!

First of all, quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key.

SEO is simply a process of making the various aspects of your website as compatible with the rules of search engines -- like Google or Yahoo -- as possible.

One of the best ways to take advantage of SEO is to use the key words that potential customers might use in order to "search" for products like yours, in your website.

Use Social Media to get a buzz going.

One of the best ways to get people talking and thinking about your business, and to increase traffic to your website, is by harnessing the power of social media. That may sound a bit cheesy, but social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your website and your business.

Make a Facebook page, or a Twitter account that corresponds with your website and is separate from your personal account. Every time you update your site, update your social media accounts, too. Invite everyone you know to share, like, and tweet!

Make your website responsive.

If your website is responsive, that means that it looks good and functions properly on a wide variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

As we mentioned in a previous post, if potential customers try to access your website from their smartphones, and what they find is a jumbled mess that's nearly impossible to navigate, they're unlikely to stick around.

So do yourself, and your customers, a favor, and make sure your website is fully responsive. With the above three strategies, you'll be on your way to higher traffic in no time!

Need some help upping those traffic numbers? Get in touch with Target Consulting today. We'd be glad to lend a hand!


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